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July 2017

— And, then in use:

// Iterate through the destinations for insertion

for (var destElem of destElems.values()) { ...

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Ultimate root cause of the need is due to NodeList's abstract nature, it requires you to use an iterator because it is a "view" on the DOM which is a graph structure, and does not "contain" any Nodes itself

— That is what iterators are great for, abstracting complex data structures into an interface presented linearly

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— Send your CV to, I'll forward it :)

— Which region is that,,?

— Well I'm not headhunting or advertising :) please keep in mind :) The company that I work for - EPAM Systems has quite a few offices around the globe, most of them in Europe, couple in China, US. There's one in Mexico too

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— Always wanted to go for few weeks to Mexico.

— Let me see if I can find that link with office locations.

— Https://

— I'm personally in Switzerland right now, but before that lived and worked in China for 3 years :)

— TRGWII Hmm, I need some advice

— I am trying some Aspect Oriented Programming with Promises, but I am not sure how to automate the promise chain

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