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July 2017

— As Junior? :)


I started working April last year (in PHP Symfony Framework and some AngularJS 1.x), had no idea of server side technology at that moment. I just knew HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery and some AngularJS.

Though today I am quite comfortable with PHP stack especially Symfony framework but still I will prefer a JS job no matter junior :)

— I need that! Tomorrow! Thanks :)

— Also, wow, I had no idea Array.values() was turned off in Chrome since 2016!!

— I just went to use it and was shocked!

— I made this:

// `Array.values()` Polyfill

// Returns a new Array Iterator object that contains the values for each index in the array.

if (!Array.prototype.hasOwnProperty("values")) {

  Object.defineProperty(Array.prototype, "values", {

    enumerable: false,

    value: function* () {

        for (var value of this) {

          yield value;





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— SO simple... and yet they disabled this... Whyyyyyy

— Weird

— Didn't know that was a thing

— But I normally use for..of anyway

— I need it because the functions in cdaTemplate are polymorphic, can use Arrays or NodeLists, and NodeLists have values()

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— Instead of branching or setting up new boilerplate to handle the Arrays, I can just use the same code now :D

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