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July 2017

— Hmm. I'm poking around in console. I cannot figure out how the returned fragment even relates to the Range.

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The fragment has an ownerDocument prop which points to the main document, but I can't find the fragment as part of the Range itself

— I'm leaning towards saying it's just one of those nonsensical things we so often find in the DOM spec

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— Assignment in javascript and the var keyword

— notafile I stumbled on this just now, what a coincidence haha

— Hi guys, I recorded a video with tips for passing JavaScript interviews. Check it out:

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— That's mostly focused to juniors though :)

— Nice video, though sometimes voice is not properly audible but overall it is cool

— I solved that gist and posted answer in a comment (faizanakram99), now hire me :D

— As Junior? :)

— I started working April last year (in PHP Symfony Framework and some AngularJS 1.x), had no idea of server side technology at that moment. I just knew HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery and some AngularJS.

Though today I am quite comfortable with PHP stack especially Symfony framework but still I will prefer a JS job no matter junior :)

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— I need that! Tomorrow! Thanks :)