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July 2017

— I can't say for sure, sorry, it was just a hypothesis


If the order you see in that JSON response doesn't match the order of your data structure, that means either your data structure is naturally unordered, or the JSON parser has a bug or is missing a flag of some sort. I don't know any more than that.

— Alright

— Python is very similar to JS in many ways actually

— Is it? I only used it once to make a procedural serial comm driver with pySerial and an INI file.

— Would connect to however many serial ports you want, then start a linear loop to send data over each one on an interval

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— Basic toy :p

— Https://

— It has generators, ternary expressions, closures, first class functions, etc

— You can in almost all cases do a 1:1 conversion

— It also has this cool thing called generator expressions

— Which behaves the same as map + optional filter