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July 2017

— I get the same order every time though


I coding in python i dont know if i can share the code here so you would see maybe its from my code?

— Hm, I'm not very good with Python.

— It's possible the JSON parser you're using has a bug, too.

— Damn, i am confused with all of the explanation 😅

— I am too noob for this things i think

— So getting a new jason parser would be the solution?

— I can't say for sure, sorry, it was just a hypothesis

— If the order you see in that JSON response doesn't match the order of your data structure, that means either your data structure is naturally unordered, or the JSON parser has a bug or is missing a flag of some sort. I don't know any more than that.

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— Alright

— Python is very similar to JS in many ways actually

— Is it? I only used it once to make a procedural serial comm driver with pySerial and an INI file.