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July 2017

— What's the data?


Err, lets said i have json like this


i make a list with them, then create it t obe like this :
- A

- B

and in example :
when i click list A then a page will appear as popup(its a SPA anyway), and information will appear based on the data A have (i will call other jSON based on id and name that A's have)

— If it's an SPA you don't need any of that

— In an SPA you can just use a JS variable

— Erm

— Var pageData = 4;

— Then access it using JS

— Already tried it, but it doesnt work.
maybe because i make a SPA program that use many template (template as a page) in one .html ?
and i call that template by jscript.

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— Does it use frames?

— Nope

— Then it should work

— You have the weirdest problems