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July 2017

— Ye boii



Unspecified Error c++ redistributable

Begin when I installed xampp, ibstalled with no error but when I started xampp control panel, alert box confirm "missing api-....dll" I tried to reinstall vc_redistX86.exe but the setup failed with unspecified error

— Kek

— Maybe don't use xampp?

— Guys, lets said i have a list of menu created from JSON, and when i click one of the list, it will open a new page based on id and name of the list i clicked.

how to pass data from the list of menu to the new page?

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— Many ways

— LocalStorage, cookies, GET params

— You could have the links in the menu point to:

— That way the data will be safely stored in the URL

— Well no other solution beside use url links?

— Many

— ^