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July 2017

— "soft skills" = knowing how to talk to people and such things


If you can make phone calls, write emails, and put on a personality while you do it, you can be a recruiter

— I guess around 50mb not sure , but shouldn't be more

— Oh crap they say they can resend the test to me

— IDK what they are thinking but... not going to look a gift horse in the mouth haha

— I made it better because I was bored:

function wordWrap(input, maxLen) {

  if (!input || input.length <= maxLen) return input;

  var wordsRegex = '.{1,' + maxLen + '}(\\s|$)|\\S+?(\\s|$)';

  var words = input.match(RegExp(wordsRegex, 'g'));

  return => word.trim()).join("\n");


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— I think I can optimize the regex too

— Are you really sure you need the regex though?

— Isn't this a simple split on space and rejoin until under or at specified length?

— The other solution is an 80 line character counting loop

— No

— Has to keep words intact