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July 2017

— I switched to VS Code recently, from Atom, very good choice IMO


They are both based on Electron/Chromium but VS Code is in TypeScript vs Atom's CoffeeScript, and overall the code quality in VS Code is subperb compared to Atom

— I also used atom and brackets , but now switched completely to vscode

— Visual studio? I just have 5 gb free and low under low spec of computer

— No, different

— Visual studio code is different

— Visual studio is an ide

— VS is the full IDE, but VS Code is more similar to Atom

— Haha I would be like "WTF!" if someone reccomended that for JS editing, hahaha

— Also phpstorm for my company's project, since it is huge

— Unless you do .NET which does support JS

— With .NET you can hook up JS and C# together, because it converts them to the same language