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July 2017

— Yes since I didn't submit the test back in time


I wasn't expecting it and they never told me on the phone, but the test was timed as in "reply with the finished script before X time"

— So they were really rushing me the whole time

— Which the comfort one among sublime and notepad++ phyton or any suggestion?

— What does it mean ?

— Oh, visual studio code

— I need an editor

— It is cool

— I switched to VS Code recently, from Atom, very good choice IMO

— They are both based on Electron/Chromium but VS Code is in TypeScript vs Atom's CoffeeScript, and overall the code quality in VS Code is subperb compared to Atom

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— I also used atom and brackets , but now switched completely to vscode

— Visual studio? I just have 5 gb free and low under low spec of computer