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July 2017

— The recruiter was so unprofessional... calling me every 10 minutes during the test (timed to 1 hour 15 mins), and I wasted an hour waiting for them to send it since they forgot letters in my email address... they don't know how to spell simple words so I wasn't surprised.

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The original solution would return input.match(RegExp(wordsRegex, 'g')).join("\n") and to me, it matched the expected output exactly, but the thing still failed me... with so much anxiety I didn't think to copy the output into a text editor with visible whitespace turned on until the last minute, which is when I saw some extra spaces

— That was an $80k a year position

— That's just mean tbh

— Did they reject ?

— Yes since I didn't submit the test back in time

— I wasn't expecting it and they never told me on the phone, but the test was timed as in "reply with the finished script before X time"

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— So they were really rushing me the whole time

— Which the comfort one among sublime and notepad++ phyton or any suggestion?

— What does it mean ?

— Oh, visual studio code

— I need an editor