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July 2017

— That's Inggris, or Indonesian english


I do believe github don't sell low quality. Well, lets start to guide me, I don't want to talk about how to say "pepesan kosong?" Or I don't want to get worst thing to discuss what view I need, but I need a explanation of variable and function to learn javascript,

— Do you have any programming background? Have good understanding in basic algorithm, variables, data type, functions etc?

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— Last nihgt, i printed out this book titled "eloquent javascript" written by marjin haverbeke, so far I am enjoy with the material, when I aplicated to the notepad (code editor) and load into IE (v. 7) has no argument or change shown, except allert, confirm and prompt function as reserved word or keyword, and I just want to learn javascript with have no basic.

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— Why dont use any other than IE? =.

— Have u seen the js console? Like F12 in chrome?

— Don't use IE

— Chromium / Chrome or Firefox

— Preferrably Chromium

— Because I have no connection to install any browsers last night, at 00.00 I'll try to download and isntalled it.

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— I yold you, I have no basic, but I ever made a web with html and try to copy cat some php code to my weh and ever used to add some javascropt function but I don't understand deeply.

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— *told