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February 2020

— Exp more then 3 years


Hi guys, I'm looking forward for book or a complete tutorial for Angular8. I'm looking for something to move from Novice level to Advanced. Diving into PWAs/Firebase/Node.js would be preferred.
Thanks in Advance!
tl/dr: I need a book suggestion

— Go for a course on Udemy books takes time to get updated

— Guys is there any ionic developer.. I need help

— That's true. I've already did some courses on udemy and youtube, but I want something to level up m game. Is there any suggestion?

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— Go for hand on

— Build some project and look into great projects on GitHub

— Thanks for the help. I've already started a project and look on yt and stackoverflow whenever I'm stuck. Is there any "popular" list of GitHub projects or I just search for my self?

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— Yes ?

— You didn't correctly install angular and node modules

— Filename must have extension .ts

— And please read the tutorial careful