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July 2017

— My test bed since I haven't set up Jasmine yet:


Right now it puts the loader in a loop. The end goal result is to have it not be in a loop, and use the pagination function instead

— Whoop, works

— Er, kind of

— I'll check in a minute :P

— Apparently it inserted a ton of blank templates for some reason, I set elemPerPage to 999 so that's probably why...

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— I was like "wtf why did it take 17ms to load these???" and I scrolled down and noticed the huge scrollbar... lol

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— Kek

— I guess that's alright, it goes ahead and tries to insert the number you want, it just doesn't put data in them if there isn't enough.

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— Maybe that would be a good candidate to throw an error

— Https:// if you want to see this live

— Hmmm