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July 2017

— Pretty funny on my part, haha


I never tried to use implicit return in any regular function before, but if I had I would have found out it was not possible

— Heh

— I've also found that I never really need blocks in arrow functions

— Multiple expressions work well with the comma operator

— Which of course returns the last call

— (a, b, c) returns c

— Ugh space between function name and argument list

— I like Airbnb's philosophy on this

— Spacing in a function signature. eslint: space-before-function-paren space-before-blocks

Why? Consistency is good, and you shouldn’t have to add or remove a space when adding or removing a name.

// bad
const f = function(){};
const g = function (){};
const h = function() {};

// good
const x = function () {};
const y = function a() {};

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— This

— Nice