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July 2017

— If conf.paged is true, then what the ssystem should do is insert multiple templates into the destination node, using an array to populate them like this:

{prop: "hello world"},
{prop: "hello sunshine"},
{prop: "hello baby"},
{prop: "hello sweetie"},

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So if conf.elemPerPage is set to 4, then we get 4 templates filled out in that order, with template 2 having "hello sunshine" etc...

— Normally, without conf.paged, you just give the loader a single object like one of those

— I see

— Go larger

— So this here would preload empty templates beforehand

— What is this templating part of?

— My own template engine I am making

— I see

— CdaTemplate, or Custom Data Attribute Template Engine

— Looks complex, but I suppose most of them must have pagination

— Ahh, using the data-x="..." attributes?