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July 2017

— This is to call a json and append it to a list, its was a success


But the problem come when i click my menu tab to other tab, and back to the first tab where that function called

— If i do it (open other tab and back to the first tab) the function wasn't called back

— Any idea how to fix this ?

— Err, case solved guys, sry to bother u guys

— Heh, weird case

— $(document).ready(...) fires when the page is done loading, so the only way to re-trigger that event is to reload the page, or globalize the function

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function onload() {
// do stuff


— This way you can call it yourself with onload()

— Well I figured my problem out, but now I see I need a huge algorithm refactor

— Where a single template has a single data source, if you pass an array containing data source objects, then each one can be injected into a seperate template, making the paging system a loop which makes elemPerPage number of clones and inserts them

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— Right now my algorithm to do that is... not really capable of doing that