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July 2017

— You could also do a sliding window search


The window length is the same as the search pattern/string length, shifting forward by one character per iteration, and you run comparisons on the window after every iteration

— You shouldn't have to change the data structure or otherwise introduce any new ones

— Pushdown automation might be an easy way to implement that algorithm

— For hello we can construct a DFA such that the full input string will construct a running list of encountered, matching input strings:



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— Then it becomes a graph theory problem, one of the best fun ways to solve any problem :)

— A nodejs question
I have X module in node_modules folder
How could I know which package pulled this X module?

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— npm ls

— In your main project folder

— No thanks tbh

— Hahaha

— Fun ways to solve easy problems in complicated ways - An interactive guide - By Dani