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July 2017

— Mucho bueno, some thing that was in underscore.js already I think


Each dropdown in this is populated via ajax request but we dont use any js code for it, our tech architect has made custom form types in symfony, we just reuse them like

$builder->add('currency', 'fastentity', ['json_route' => 'routename', 'json_params'='routeparams']);

and in view
{{ form_row(form.currency) }}

— Thats it, it itself compiles into

$http.get(route/routeparams). then (bla)

— This shit is all done in so called bad PHP

— It is all how u use it man

— So some is server rendered and some is client rendered?

— Yeah,

— What if the client cannot render it? Does your backend adjust and render for it?

— Yes

— Well I'd say that makes up for any inconsistency for the view... I don't find it to be good practice to make presenation rendering decisions in logic, but if you have some fault tolerance it offsets it. For lots of JS people there is a belief that the data relating to view and data relating to making logic decisions for the view should be seperate

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— In react, this is "state" vs "props"

— The pop you are looking at is actually jQGrid, but we dont write js code for it, we have made a symfony form type for it, which does the job for us

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