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July 2017

— My eyes


Personally I like it, I'm still always going for plain js but if you want a .NET Semistyled class system it's great, but I've never really used "classes" in JS, I don't really understand the big difference to objects. Typescript is great for html5 games I assume

— Language:


if(123 == "123 lmao fucc PHP")
echo "PHP is the shittiest Lang in the world";
echo "PHP is k";

PHP is the shittiest Lang in the world

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— Brainfuck or PHP? Guess we'll never find out

— Haha

— The $tekstregel variable is declared outside loop and then inside loop values are pushed into $tekstregel array and then it is used below in universalexport function

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— In js 123 == "123"

— Php also uses === for type safety

— Not in js: 123 == "123 js doesn't do this shit ffs"

— This is just way way worse though

— This is an example of our old code