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July 2017

— I followed the W3C DOM spec but... it can't be done in PHP because the class system is too nasty


"Are you sure we should implement it like thi-"
"I love it"
"But it's very inconsistent, yesterday you've used lowerCam-"
"Shut the fuck up it's PHP nobody cares"

— Kek

— Haha yes, such bad naming inconsistency

— I_Dont_give_aFuck();

— I always use classes in PHP, since symfony doesnt allow anything without classes

— Kek

— "I prefer to always use classes, since I have to"

— Framework forces clean code and prevents bad practices

— It's like this: (I don't know the exact function name but it looks something like this)
Encoding smth:

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— Frameworks like that in PHP are a must for folks who need to get things done

— Thinking about learning TypeScript properly