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July 2017

— To make an array of different key value pair from different array


TRGWII a big thing in PHP is procedural and imperative programming so there are some inefficient, weird antipatterns, this being one of them, that devs often use with PHP

— I'm gonna rewrite whatever he comes up with to be side-effect-less

— I find it funny people complain at the fact JS allows too much antipatterns... but then we look at PHP and see not only does it allow them, they are almost a requirement to even use the language without writing classes (which are nasty imo)

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— I never used classes in PHP

— PHP OOP is absolutely the most terrible way I ever saw it done

— But back in those days I copied my trusty template script for each page :P

— It is sooo wannabe C++, but does it so poorly...

— Remember the header.php?

— Who tf doesnt

— Ye boiiii

— Everything in PHP is done the most terrible way possible Kappa