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June 2017

— How mke responsive slider with image galery? 🙏🏻


In mobile Usually there's navigation for prev-next (eg arrow) or dots to jump between slide.
Use responsive slide plugin will be much easier.
Because in mobile usually plugin will provide interaction when you touch-hold-swipe the slide

— What's with the hashtags

— There is 3 image, when click next, show 3 image again

— Are you using jquery?
Maybe you can try idangerous swiper or owl carousel or any other plugin.
After that, Read the documentation, usually they give option of "imageperview" or "imageperslide"

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— Any one recomend cucumber.js with nodejs for bdd testing ?

— Zk

— JQuery has hundreds of image slider/carousel plugins to choose from

— Everyone and their mom makes them

— I recommend checking out

— Https://

— Guys how to change the url without reload ? for example my website
I want it to be
Without reload

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