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June 2017

— Yes


Hi every body . I am semi new full stack javascript developer . and I started to write "#SPA" Single Page Application with "#VueJS" and #RESTFul_API with "#FeathersJS" . What I need is to write tests in bdd way to drive my application features . can any one recomend some #BDD Framework to use for this type of Tech's ?

— What kind of business,,? 🤔 node i guess,,

— Indeed , #FeathersJS is http & socket framework built on #NodeJS

— Awesome,,

— Are you a bot , or can you give me advice about the testing framework or workflow ?

— What kind of flow,, i'm a GoogleBot,,

— I want to talk to human expert in the field

— I'm a GoogleSmartBot,, muCh2 m0re smrt than human eXp,,

— You are not

— Loooool

— :D :D