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June 2017

— So i created menu with a json, and the json's structure is

id : xx, name : xxx

and then when i clicked the menu, it will open a new page and its was
function bukapaket(id) {"paket.html?id="+id+" ","_self");

so it will resulted as

now i have call another json
and the structure is

where is menu_id = the id the menu's id.

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So you want to know how to get the query parameter from your page (the „id=xxx“ part) in Client JavaScript for using it in something like an Ajax request?

— If so, u need to get the URL (i think with window.location) and then use it like this:

— Var url = new URL(window.location);
var id = url.searchParams.get("id");

— But that’s a new JS Feature so i don’t Know how compatible it is

— Maybe if not compatible, you can search polyfill for search params

— Well, its k dunklesToast Muhammad its solved

— 😁

— Btw is it possible to convert json to array, and sort it via looping with jscript/jquery ?

— Sure, you can use JSON.parse to convert JSON string to JSON object

— Well, to avoid misunderstanding, i have json like this :
id: id, name: name, date: date
can i convert it to array and make it like this :
date:date, id:id, name:name

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— $.map should be enough