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June 2017

— It quickly gets messy!


It would not work currently as we don't do any check to know "does THIS char code have a length array or just another char code array"?

— It can have both, if we insert a string smaller than precision

— There has to be some way to use just two arrays... some sort of interval tree that overlaps maybe?

— The problem is we can't use a traditional object-based tree. Keeping everything numeric arrays is great for speed by a huge amount

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— Wait, this is more horrible than I even thought

— It would be ... precision * 65535^2

— Or precision * 4,294,836,225

— That is 4 billion array indexes

— For a precision of 8, that is 34,358,689,800... over 34 billion

— Because for every char code in the first array alone, we have 65535-index arrays for each char code

— For each precision layer, it just gets bigger and bigger