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June 2017

— If so you can allow prototype methods to access the same private members through weakmap


Hm, TRGWII I went to implement using charcodes in that stringset and ran into some... interesting roadblock

— Since the point is to use integers, and even moreso to use a pre-allocated typed array (char code 80 is index 80 etc...) that conflicts, or rather presents a challenge, when you increase precision to more than one character

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— Since each char code can be between integers 0 through 65535, to represent more than one can be an interesting problem

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— How?

— Just nested arrays of size 65535?

— Well for one, the array indices can't represent more than one

— Yes, but wow!

— It would be immense to even use it for one string

— Prototypal inheritance?

— Nested empty arrays that inherit from a master array or something?

— For a precision of 8 characters, you have 8 arrays with 65535 indexes EACH!