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June 2017

— I can say it may not be good for e-commerce


In a lot of places it will be better to server-render a page; for browsers which block JS, search engines (they love server rendered pages), and devices with slow connections

— The solution is to enable the server to decide when to render the page, you can do both

— Eyy


this.find = function (callback, thisArg = null) {
var iterator = self[Symbol.iterator]();
var iteration =;
var value = iteration.value;
var result;
while (!iteration.done && result === undefined) {
result =, value);;
value = iteration.value;
return result;

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— Implemented a baby find method, starting to port a lot of the array methods

— Hello

— Welcome bubo!

— Do you have a list of other programming related telegram chat?

— Nice! The ecma spec is good for getting your algorithms as correct as possible

— siliconnetwork


— This would break if my callback function returns false