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June 2017

— When it is constructed, it does this

var maxCharCode = 65535;
var curCharCode = 0;
var _list = new Array(65535);
while (curCharCode <= maxCharCode) {
_list[curCharCode] = [];

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I should copy the judy array concept more, since it is more a prefix tree than what I currently have (a prefix set)

— The set is small potatoes compared to a full tree

— Would a judy array even work in js?

— I'm not sure. I think it would work, but it may not work well due to complexity

— Generally the speed comes from directly using a CPU cache, something you can't do in JS

— The radix tree structure would work great though

— That was my thoughts

— Unless you're a v8 wizard of course

— Yeah, all the non-C concepts would work just fine in JS

— the algorithm contains much complex logic to avoid cache misses as often as possible
this is impossible in JS

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— Yep