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June 2017

— Cool shit


I think I can also add a precision argument to the constructor, to use more than the first letter if needed

— For big sets of long strings, perhaps with high randomness, that would increase speed further

— Because with single character precision, you are limited to, most of the time, A-Z and 0-9, singly

— Which means if all your strings at least start with the same letters, with varying differences after, you would not see much if any speed boost over a normal array...

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— Good plan

— I guess this would be great as a hashmap with high randomness, heh

— Yup

— Also by using charcodes, we can do some math to deduce if an element is in the set

— Like a bloom filter, sort of

— That'll probably be done last, if at all :p

— Slowly approaching judy array complexity