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June 2017

— Well, 107 not counting test code


This will do wonders for speed not only for memory alloc, but it also allows me to remove a whole linear check

— Very interesting

— I'm looking forward to a result that beats native

— It already does

— Now I'm trying to find a way to present a linear index...

— If I simply do that using each array linearly (ie from 0 to end) then additions and deletions can "shift" the whole indexing. It's just a facade and not the real indexes, but like an abstraction. Maybe I can "stripe" indexes or something

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— For instance I am adding a forEach method, and the stock array has an "index" argument for that

— That argument as implemented in the stringset would be wildly inconsistent since it's really a list of multiple arrays

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— Hmm, maybe I can assign offsets to each string based on order of insertion... The problem is removing a word of, like, 12 length, would then "shift" the facade indexes for all longer words

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— Ie every word longer than 12 would have it's index decrease by 1, so it cannot be based on iterative index

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— The end goal being to abstract the data structure in a way that you can treat it like a flat array