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June 2017

β€” StrangeπŸ˜•


Hmm so which one is easier? for now i just creat links with ?id=*inser xx* but i still doesnt know how to display data that have the same id with the link

β€” What do you mean "display data that have the same id"?

β€” TRGWII I am working on that string set again, using charCodeAt to get the first letter as a UTF-16 code unit, so I can run the main list as a fast numeric array

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β€” Kek, it's just way to bloated now

β€” I am also pre-allocating all UTF-16 code points to the array

β€” This thing will be super speed

β€” Which is crazy considering it already is using a slow object

β€” 113 lines and shrinking :)

β€” Well, 107 not counting test code

β€” This will do wonders for speed not only for memory alloc, but it also allows me to remove a whole linear check

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β€” Very interesting