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February 2017

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— Hello everybody

— Welcome everyone we speak Java

— Yes

— Sustem.out.println("Hello Everybody!");

— System*

— I did join the other language groups, but im a noobie java developer.

— Will only be loyal to this group xD

— System.out.println("2+2= " +2 +2);


— It seems to be 22

— Si padel

— Yes you are right

— Nice ahah

— Hey everyone...

— Did you have source code about shipping management

— Thanks

— Hi.
I need some help.
I have spring project. This project contains a few modules. And all modules have a class which extends "AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer". All these classes absolutely identical.
They have "Override
protected Class<?>[] getRootConfigClasses() {
return new Class[]{ApplicationConfiguration.class};
But "ApplicationConfiguration" in all modules different.
Is it possible to take away dispatcher servlet initializer in one package for all these modules? I want one copy of dispatcher servlet initializer for all modules.

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— Hey

— 2+2=22

— "2+2" = 22

— Is that a question or s solution

— Guys, anyone has some good sample for a light weight application framework.

— Lightweight code to run on embedded devices