Angular discussions

February 2017

— Welcome to the group guys.
Please send the invite link to your angular friends. Lets make this group an active community,

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— Yes, I am a fan of angularjs

— Please ask more angular fans to join the group. It'll soon be an active helping community.

— Hey can I also suggest a web dev group? Without getting a butler warning?😂

— Lets share new technologies, challenges and together make web developing fun!!


— What is even the point of angular

— Should I remove butler?

— Sorry, I didn't get

— What does Angular provide

— Why would you even consider it for a project

— Butler is just fine, as long as rules are realistic

— Ok I'll see if it works fine.

— Angular is a front end framework to make web apps or hybrid app easliy.

— Dude there's always strength in diversity.

I was shocked why someone would pick yet there's php.

It's called choice!

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— You can easily create SPA with it

— Sup guyz

— Hey

— This is a new group. Please bear with us.
We are expanding the community.
Ask your angular friends to join the group and make it an active community.

Thank you.

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— Meanwhile for you guys. Awesome read here:

AngularJS project style guide by John Papa:

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— Hi there, angular 1.5.9 dev here

— Cool! welcome here

— I'm very new to angular, i'm finishing my first project for a customer

— I really liked the framework