Lua discussions

April 2017

— Hi, will this be used like an IRC channel?

— Hey Marco, yes, that is idea, an open group chat to complement the other channels we already have (twitter, irc, lua-l).

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— Hi Marc. Very nice. I actually prefer that over IRC

— I use telegram a lot, because I always have it with me on my phone and iPad. We also use it for conference organization and such, it's really handy. Hopefully more folks will join over time...

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— Same here

— Btw. I am from Nürnberg, Germany

— Nice to "meet" you

— Been once in Nürnberg (at Suse Offices), I am from Switzerland.

— Ah Suse, it's near to where I live, and I had a professor (Helmut Herold) who worked for Suse

— And my girlfriends father lives in Switzerland, Kanton Zug, Walchwil

— Nice region.

— Hi Peter

— Hey marc

— Hi Peter

— Hello marco

— Hi Jack

— Hi Marco

— Gosh, so exciting

— I am curious how this turns out, if it is helpful...

— I just started to look into Lua. Wonder if this will be helpful.

— Well, one thing is for sure: Lua _is_ helpful.

— :)

— What are the odds that two random people from the same city meet at a random place also had the same professor?? Hey Marco, I'm also from Nbg. Nice to meet you.

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