Ada discussions

March 2019

— Nice one

— There's another one also adalang

— That one is russian speaking. So unless you know how to rush B I wouldn't suggest going there.

— Got it

— 👋 hi to all.

— Hi!

— Any interesting open source ada based project someone working on ?

— We are plaing with ada to javascript transpator to develop some web apps

— It's part of Matreshka project

— It would be great to get the project url 😊

— Http://

— Nice 👍

— Slides about SPARK

Message permanent page

— This is english chat 😊

— English only group 😊 Ada on wikibooks

— Hi all!

— Hi

— Good to see more Ada communication channels.

— Why? Ada is unusable language, isn't it?

— It is a joke right? :)

— Sad but true :(

— Do you use Ada in production?

— Yes. Whole European Air Traffic depends on it.