Go discussions

August 2017

— Let's go

— The bot deletes join messages but not leave messages? 🤔

— I see what you did there

— Delete messages will be disabled when we reach to an amount of members

— Deleting join messages is weird IMO

— I mean if you ban someone and delete all their messages then sure

— It's already weird enough that Telegram hides left/banned messages in groups with 200+ members

— What's join messages 😅

— The "[person] joined the group" messages you see in chat

— Haa, I see thanks.

— No problem ✨

— Good moment for asking

— Whats GO?

— Programming language

— A programming language

— Golang

— Pkmn go?

— Also it has a cute iconlogo

— It can be either a pokemon game, a chinesse game or a programming language (even others)

— The Go Programming Language

— Lol

— Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(programming_language)

— Looks like python